Novellic App Usability Survey
Thank you so much for taking part in Novellic's beta launch. Please help us to bring Novellic closer to the book app of your dreams by taking two minutes to tell us about your experience using our app.
This survey consists of 2 sections:

Section 1 is about you and your reading habits.
There are 5 questions in this section.

Section 2 focuses on your experience of using the app.
There are 8 questions in this section.
There'll be an opportunity to tell us about
- any bugs you encountered
- what you loved
- what baffled you
- suggestions for improvement

Section 1 | About you

Are you *

How old are you? *

What genres do you enjoy reading. Tick all that apply *

Where do you find the best recommendations for your next read? *

Please tick all the phrases that apply: *

Section 2 | In-app experience

Overall, how easy was it to use the app? *

How easy was it to navigate, discover and use all the features available?

How would you rate its design? *

How would you rate its performance? *

How intuitive did you find the features of the app? *

Overall, how satisfied are you with the user experience provided by the Novellic app? *

Did you encounter any bugs or crashes? Please describe any problems you had with Novellic briefly below.

What was your favourite Novellic feature?

What suggestions do you have for us to improve Novellic and make it more relevant to you?

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